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Case Studies

Engineering Projects


Here at BrightLogic, we’ve been developing hardware and software for CBS over the past 20 years. We are deeply embedded in their broadcast infrastructure for smooth scheduling and delivery of their content. Take a look at the DESC, one of many custom projects developed by BrightLogic for CBS.

Bally Technologies

We’ve manufactured and deployed over 500,000 player marketing kiosks for casino slot machines around the world. These systems are capable of promoting daily entertainment around a casino to thrilling a patron with fun interactive bonus games.


You know those little logos and graphics that indicate which channel you’re currently on or what show is about to play next? Those visuals are managed by 30+ BrightLogic automation controllers and are used for all NBC owned networks.

L3 Communications

BrightLogic is responsible for re-engineering the FlashBack2 Police Car DVR system. This system keeps record of all audio/visual components that goes on in or around the officer’s vehicle. So watch out– you probably should behave yourself, but if you do get pulled over, smile for the camera!


Creative Projects

Marina Bay Sands Casino

The $4.9B Marina Bay Sands Casino in Singapore asked us to design and develop interactive gaming content for their 3000+ slot machines and digital signage throughout the hotel and casino. The content and signage was ready and running for the grand opening of the Casino and we were delighted that our head-turning creations could add to the beautiful atmosphere of the Marina Bay Sands Casino.


BrightLogic created an interactive Microsoft Surface kiosk and interactive floor installation for the Pepsi Brand’s marketing division. These marketing tools included Digital Signage linked to the Microsoft Surface kiosk, enabling tradeshow customers to place Pepsi brand products on the Surface table and trigger signage related to the products. Pepsi also inquired about an idea that would captivate potential customers at their tradeshows and provide printed coupons for their booth visitors. The BrightLogic team got together and created a responsive video slot machine that printed prize vouchers and enabled the slot machine to be re-skinned for other various Pepsi brands.